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About Tai Chi Chuan

This website was created to share background info on the workings of Tai Chi Chuan and other related subjects, such as Chi Kung, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese martial arts. Please view the sections on Ba Gua Zang and Hsing I Chuan for more info on these very effective but rather obscure martial arts.

Lin Chi Healing

Dr. Mike McLoughlin, a Chinese Medicine doctor and Tai Chi instructor, also offers Lin Chi healing sessions. This painless and effective treatment is fairly unknown in the West and offers relief to patients for a myriad of problems and symptoms. For more info or to make a booking view the Holistic Energy Healing page.


    Understanding the Chinese Five Elements Theory according to modern physics and how to apply it.
    Email for details.

    Short course on basic ear acupuncture.
    Email for details.

    Short weekend course on basics or longer comprehensive course available.
    Email for details.

  • Beginners Tai Chi classes starting 1st of March 2015 in Rondebosch Cape Town, situated at the Rosebank Primary School, Old Farm Rd. Monday and Wednesday at 6pm. For more info phone Mike (Long Hu Tai Chi School) on 082 703 4549.

  • Tai Chi Chuan morning classes starting 1st of March 2015, Mondays and Thursdays from 8 to 9am at the Aya centre in Bergvliet. Phone Brenda on 072 2415 542.